Why I’m unsure if I’ll have another baby….

When I was younger I wasn’t sure I wanted children. They’re expensive, they poo, scream and cry. But low and behold at the tender age of 22 I fell pregnant – and I planned it.

Pregnancy doesn’t treat me badly. I’ve had two fairly straightforward pregnancies and healthy babies. I wish I could say their deliveries were straightforward – but Holly’s most definitely wasn’t which is a topic I hope to cover in a Vlog soon.

When I envisage my family I have three kids which is exactly what I had planned since I started having children…
Until Harry came along.

Holly was an easy baby. She slept well, never really went through sleep regressions, rarely cried. She followed every baby books as if they were a bible.
Along came Harry. When Harry came out of my womb from the second he was born he looked at the baby books, laughed and started a hatching a plan. He’s been a struggle. He’s never wanted to nap but he needed sleep desperately. He’d scream and cry and no amount of rocking or cuddling really fixed that. And although I’ve *sort of* figured out how to get him to nap now, he sometimes still refuses to sleep. At night, he was a perfect sleeper, until he went through a sleep regression that never really stopped. When Harry isn’t happy – he makes sure everyone knows about it.

Having two children is a lot as well. If you’re not organised, (and sometimes even if you are) things don’t go to plan. Their needs usually sync up. Harry will have had a poo-explosion, and I’ll be up to my elbows in it when Holly decides it’s absolutely now or never that she has to put her slippers on, and it has to be Mummy that puts them on, nobody else.

But financially – they’re hard work, why do they grow out of clothes at exactly the same time?? And they’re tiring!

For the most part, I’ve probably got it easy compared to most Mum’s. I love both of my children dearly and they’re a challenge. But I can’t imagine never being pregnant again. I can’t imagine not delivering a baby again. I can’t imagine being finished at three.

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