What Parents Really Think Of The Twirlywoos

One of the great things about having children in Cbeebies. God bless Cbeebies.
It allows you to have a quiet 5 minutes and a cuppa but on the flip side, you always catch yourself watching it, weirdly fixated on it. Eventually conjuring up the thought – “What am I ACTUALLY watching?”. To me, I recently thought that during an episode of The Twirlywoos. So what do parents really think of it.
To Quote YorkshireMumof4 on Twitter “I can’t say it’s my favourite programme… “

For the purpose of this blog post, I have just put on an episode to watch whilst my son is asleep. I can feel my brain cells dying out.
he Twirlywoos, a family of four made up of Great Big Hoo (Father?), Toodleoo (Mother?), and their children(?) Chickedy & Chick. Although it only my assumption they’re a family unit made up of parents and two infants; that’s what it seems like. Something that I’ll never forgive myself for thinking is exactly HOW Twirywoo’s reproduce?

Some of the things I notice:

1. The Twirlywoos live on a boat

They live on a boat… Who drives the boat? Do Twirlywoo’s need a licence? Are they taxed, MOT’d and insured?

2. What actually are they?

These Twirlyoos are sort of shaped like a testicle? But with arms, legs and a weird little head crest. Are they toys? Are they aliens?

3. Why don’t they do something about their pest problem?

By the looks of it, they have a serious pest problem that they’re ignoring. Why is nobody calling Rentokil? They’ve got some bloody annoying ducks that live on their roof and a little spiky creature who lives in something like a mousehole in their boat called ‘Peekaboo’. Do they know he’s there? What is Peekaboo? Why does he like causing mischief?

4. Talking of mischief…

Talking of mischief why are the Twirlywoos so annoying? Why do they keep tormenting human? Is it some kind of weird kink? And why and these humans so chill about it? If some weird unseen creature was lurking about my house flooding my bathroom and moving my furniture about, I’d be getting an exorcism, not laughing about it.
Sam said on Twitter “The Dad of the Twirlywoos is narcissistic, the way he torments people!

5. Why is my child so glued to this programme?

When my child is glued to The Twirlywoos, I find myself wondering if they’re taking tips from the Twirywoo’s and are secretly plotting my demise Twirlywoo’s style.

6. At the end of each episode do these weird doughnut-shaped rings roll on to screen?

Why do the Twirlywoos jump in, and suddenly the ring inflate? Are they going to sleep? Are they about to be shipwrecked?

7. Their boat is broke?

Now I know ‘Getting a man in’ to fix things is a pain. The cost is one mega issue. And you never know if they’ll turn up or not! But somethings got to be done about that spring that pops up out of the roof… It’s hazardous and a health and safety nightmare…

In retrospect, The Twirlywoos, no matter how testicle shaped and strange they are – focus on teaching children words. Aimed at children under 3, each episode focuses on a different word such as full, over and fast. If it keeps Harry occupied for five minutes, and also teaches him something, it’s more than worth a watch.

Do you have a favourite kids TV show? Or perhaps one you loathe? Leave it in the comments below!

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