Surviving a Train Journey with Children

When you don’t drive, travelling anywhere with children is a gruelling and frankly horrific endeavour.
We recently took a trip to Clacton, which you can read about here. We went by Train which was incredibly stressful! But with hindsight, and a few games we invented, I made a little guide to save yours and your fellow passengers sanity.

Play Spot The Animal

We played a game of which animals can we spot… We spotted the usual suspects – Sheep, Cows and Horses. Holly swore blind that she’d seen a pride of Lions, which had the whole carriage in stitches.

Play eye spy
Never has a game of eye spy ever been more perfect than on a train… I spy with my little eye something beginning with…T. Although the answers are obvious, they’re easy enough for children to get. Honestly how many tree’s and trains will you be able to spot?
Sidenote: It’s always clever to play this game quietly. You’re never quite sure when your child might blurt out ‘Balding man’ for the letter B or ‘Smelly person’ for S.


One thing children love is FOOD. One of the best things about travelling anywhere is having snacks. Usual rules a/bout being healthy and eating a well-balanced meal go out of the window on a train journey.

Stretch your legs

Just go for a walk. Sitting on your bum for 5 hours is horrible as an adult. Have a walk, even if just to the toilets – stretch your legs!

Have a sing-a-long

Whenever there’s a song in your heart, sing it. I mean, your fellow passengers might hate you after the 7th round of Baby Shark, but singing ridiculously catchy songs is more fun than bored children.


Trains by their very nature are bumpy rides – they literally lend themselves to sleep. My son & daughter both slept at least an hour of the journey thanks for bumpy tracks! And if you’re really having a hard time keeping them entertained – have a snooze and deny all parental responsibility. Kids? What kids? (PS. The last part it a joke! But sometimes, don’t you just wish you could doze off?)

Tablets and Phones

If all else fails, stick on the 775th repeat of Waffle The Wonder Dog to save your sanity. You might get 10 minutes peace!

Role reversal

Give your child the map, and reverse the roles by asking if you’re nearly there yet every five minutes… for five hours. Extra points if you manage to get them to take you to the loo, so you can announce that you didn’t actually need it, 47 times.

Do you have any tips for travelling with children? Leave them below!

Rachel xx

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One thought on “Surviving a Train Journey with Children

  1. What a fun read. I remember trying to keep the kids amused. I used a lot of these ideas and they work really well. If you are lucky enough to have a seat with a table then coloring and drawing is also good fun. Although it’s exhausting it’s important to remember that although it’s just getting from A to B to you. this is a great adventure to the young ones. So join in the fun with them and feed off their expectations. You’ll find yourself getting excited about the journey too.

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