The Spice Girls & 90’s Nostalgia (AD)

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What’s the best thing about being born in 1991? For me, It meant I got the experience the ’90s for almost a whole decade in all of its glory. Being a child in the ’90s, I have so many fantastic childhood memories. I was a massive Spice Girls, which I’ll chat about later! But first how many of these things can you remember?


Anybody who was anybody used: a Babyliss crimper, glitter hair mascara, fruity roll-on lipglosses, butterfly hair clips, scrunchies and neon rubber bracelets. I was always really jealous of the girls who got the ‘crazy braids’ hair kits too! I specifically remember my Mum and her friends wearing blue eye shadow and blue mascara! 90’s fashion absolutely ruled and knew no bounds!


Furbies were by far the most sought after toy for ages. One Christmas, my sister and I were lucky enough to get one each. We spent many hours getting them to talk to each other. They’d sing, chat and you had to play with them or they’d get lonely!

Tamagotchis: How I miss when my life responsibilities were as easy as simple as picking a little pixelated and pet feeding it. I used to love my Tamagotchi – I’m sure I had about 3. I always got overly-emotional when the poor thing died when I didn’t play with it after an hour!


I can’t begin to explain to you how much I loved television in the ’90s. Mr.Blobby had me in stitches whilst in equal parts absolutely terrified me. If Mr.Blobby wasn’t your thing – Then Sabrina the Teenage witch was – I wanted my very own Salem, and I even collected the Sabrina Secrets Magazines! Come on, who didn’t?

The Spice Girls

There wasn’t a person in Britain who didn’t know of The Spice Girls. There probably wasn’t a person in the country who couldn’t passionately give you a rendition of ‘Spice up your life’ – I probably still could now! I know I owned every piece of Spice Girls merchandise I could persuade my parents to buy. The album ‘Spice’ (1996) was the very first album I ever owned, and believe me – I listened to it on repeat daily.

One of my favourite memories from my childhood was telling my parents it was a dress-up competition at school the following morning. With no other choice but to get creative; My Dad spent the night at the sewing machine and made me a leopard print dress out of some of my Mum’s old clothes. I went to school as ‘Scary Spice’ and won the dress up competition!

The Spice Girls were a massive part of my Childhood.
So, imagine my absolute delight when I heard last year that The Spice Girls were reuniting with a TOUR this year? I wasn’t lucky enough to get hold of tickets BUT I have been following all of the Spice Girls related news with a heart full of nostalgia and special memories.

If you were watching The final of Britains Got Talent last night you may have seen the new Spice Girls and Walkers Television advert: On their mission to surprise their biggest fan. Of course, if you missed it, you can catch up with it here!

What was your favourite Spice Girls song? Are YOU The Spice Girls biggest fan?
Let me know in the comments!

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