Why Mother’s Day is bittersweet

Mother’s Day is always a difficult one for me. My Mum passed away when I was 12, so I never knew her when I was a teen. She wasn’t there when I collected my GCSE’s, A levels or enrolled for my degree. She missed my pregnancies and births of both of my children whom I know she’d have adored. And they’d have loved her too.

Mother’s Day comes around and everyone takes to social media to celebrate their mother’s. Which is so lovely to see. But also a little crushing. Maybe a little part of me feels a little bit envious I can’t do the same. I can’t have a friendship with my Mum like many girls seem to have.

Mum and me

On the other hand: Going to college & university (I’m still at university, probably more on that in another post!) were things I did because they were expected of me. But being a mother is something I’ve always wanted to do.
Losing the connection with my Mum made me desperate for a family of my own. So Holly and Harry are my life. Mothers day is a celebration what I’ve achieved as a Mum.

Try and make your Mum’s feel appreciated every day, and don’t take them for granted!

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