Magic Pie by Robyn Embrey Review (AdGifted)

magic pie

I was kindly gifted a copy of ‘Magic Pie’ by The Author, Robyn Embrey who reached out to me on twitter.

The Blurb

“Olly just wants to make a pie,

One to make him magic, one to make him fly.

But he might just find where the real
magic lies instead.

With a box of Pixie dust, beneath
hs Mummy’s bed

What did we think?

The first charming thing I found about ‘Magic Pie’ was that it was dedicated to the authour’s own children whom she says “live in a world only confined by their own imaginations” which I thought was beautiful. It’s something me & my children also live by.

Magic Pie arrived as a cute little PR Package which included bookmarks, some colouring sheets (which were quickly claimed and coloured no sooner had I opened the package!) and our very own ‘Pixie Dust’ – much to the delight of my daughter. We’ve saved our own pixie dust for a craft project or maybe for our very own magic pie!

Holly (my four-year-old daughter) and I love reading together. So I was over the moon to receive a copy. Holly is just starting to learn to read, so she’s eager to read absolutely everything – I wish I was joking, signs, food packaging, my own personal letters, if she can attempt reading it, she most definitely will! Which neatly brings me to what made me fall in love with Magic Pie. The book uses language that is easy enough for my daughter to practice reading. It’s engaging and fun for both parents and children to enjoy. It’s also written in rhyme, which makes it fun, and flow off the tongue really easily when reading aloud. It’s a lovely cosy read which makes it perfect as a bedtime story.

Overall, I think Magic Pie is a fantastic book, especially for young readers. I look forward to seeing any future books from Robyn!

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