I’ve started a blog, again.

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog.
People who’ve followed me for a while will recall that I’ve had a blog before. Now I have a baby, less time and more work to do – I thought I’d try my hand at blogging again because that makes perfect sense. Mummying can make you feel as if you’re losing your personality.

The truth is that I’ve always loved writing. I was the weird kid who loved being given an essay to write. My childhood was filled with books and writing. I loved reading the stories I had written.  In fact, some of my earliest creative writing won a local award when I was around eight. I can’t remember what it was about, and it was probably pants, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I’ve always been creative. I have qualifications (I use the term loosely) in Film Studies & Media. I still have a flair for the independent film community. I’m still sitting on an idea for a Sitcom that I’ve never actually put pen to paper on.

I think the shy girl exterior is well and truly obliterated when my creative energy flows. And that’s why I’ve restarted my blog!


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