6 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Parents

How to bring up a baby on a budget. Can’t be done I’m sure people will say. Babies are expensive. You never really understand how much a child costs until you have them yourself. Having been a Mum for four years now, and having two children I’ve picked up a few hacks on how to bring up a baby on a budget!

1. Hand-me-downs

Probably one of the most obvious things is keeping clothes from siblings, cousins or friends babies! I’m fairly sure baby clothes in the early stages get handed from baby to baby to baby. Babies do not care about fashion. Babies grow fast and don’t stay in clothes very long!

2. Breastfeeding

As a formula feeder, I spend £11 A WEEK in formula. When Harry was feeding 6 times a day, I had to buy two a week. That’s expensive! But breast milk is free. You just whack the old boobie and et voila instantly fed baby.

3. Supermarket brands VS Big Brands.

I can buy 70+ Aldi nappies for about £4, but Pampers will cost £8. 500ml Johnsons baby soaps £1.75, 500ml ASDA Little Angels Baby Shampoo 75p! It might take a little bit of trial and error – but sometimes supermarket own brands are quite a bit cheaper!

4. Ebay

This one is a bit marmite. You’ll either love or hate this idea. But children’s clothes often end up on eBay. If you search “Boys 0-3 Months bundle” you’ll find a plethora of listings! People literally sell their children’s entire 0-3 (or whatever size you’re searching for!) wardrobe! Quite often they include brand new clothes that their children just didn’t get a chance to wear! After a long, hot wash – they’re perfect!

5. Baby Events!

Asda, Aldi, Boots and Mothercare to name but a few… They all have events on where they reduce the price of essential baby equipment. I bought my first ever pushchair in the Mothercare baby event in 2014. I only paid £99 for it!

6. Weaning

When it comes to weaning you can make your own purees or do baby led weaning. This probably explained better in a post dedicated to it! But put simply means letting your baby eat foods that you might already cook. Alright, steak might be hard to manage – but foods like banana and steamed carrots are easy for baby to pick up and eat! Saves a fortune on the pouches!

I hope that gave you some insight or was vaguely helpful!
If you have any tips of your own, please leave them in comments down below because I’m always looking for new ways to save money!

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