Trying & Reviewing Gatorade (AD)


I have been kindly gifted these items for review, but all opinions are honest and 100%.

I was recently contacted and was offered the opportunity to try Gatorade Sports Drink Variety Pack.

About Gatorade

In 1965, a team of scientists at the University of Florida, College of Medicine worked to create a drink that would help their football team ‘The Gators’ refresh & replace fluids that were lost during their games. Subsequently, the team began drinking Gatorade and ‘The Gators’ began winning more games.

Gatorade is an American sports drink which is made up of electrolytes, carbohydrates & water which is distributed and enjoyed in 80 different countries around the world. Gatorade is available in 4 different flavours in the UK: Cool blue, lemon, red-orange & orange.

What did I think?

We used to drink Gatorade after PE classes at school, which made receiving this package somewhat nostalgic.

Nevertheless, I wanted to give Gatorade a proper fair test. I thought it was only fair got out and did some exercise. In preparation, I put one of each flavour of Gatorade in the fridge ready for when I returned.

So I took a long run in around local park and did a few laps. When I returned home thoroughly well exercised and very tired. I took a sip of each of the flavours. They were not only incredibly refreshing and helped me feel less exerted after. My favourite flavours personally were the Cool Blue & Red Orange, my least favourite flavour was lemon, although still tasty – I’m not a huge fan of lemon!

So if you’re planning a summer of enjoying the sun and some exercise, definitely get yourself a pack!

Get yours!

The variety pack includes 12 bottles of Gatorade
3 x Orange
3 x Red Orange
3 x Cool Blue
3 x Lemon
1 x Towel (Perfect workout towel)
1 x Sports drink cup (perfect for your gym bag!)
For the fabulous price of £29.99
Get yours here!

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