First Day of School Thoughts


TodayToday was Holly’s first day of school.
“Eugh… Here come the standing by the door in uniform brigade”.
“Why do so many parents cry after dropping their kids off? What’s the big deal?”
I know what non-parents think because I used to think the same.

I thought it might be interesting, funny or insightful to see what’s going through my mind of a parent whose first child is going to school for the first time.

It feels honest like she was born a month ago. I held her close and tried tirelessly to settle her through her colicky months. I was endlessly projectile vomited on when she had reflux. But somewhere between that and the tantrums, the long cuddles, the belly laughs and playing – She’s already turned four. How?

2. Will she be ok?
My tiny Holly is an August born. This means she’ll be one of the youngest in her year. Will she understand everything? Will she fall behind? Will the date I conceived her forever be a detriment to her education? Have I done enough at home studying with her?

3. She looks so cute in her uniform
She looks cute as a button in her Uniform. But so small.

4. Have we had enough fun?
As an unemployed Mum who doesn’t drive my resources have been limited. I’m worried that I’ve just not had enough experiences with her. Obviously, we’re always looking for fun ways to spend our time creatively! We visit parks and soft plays. But I’m always worried her experiences won’t match up to her new friends. I’ve got ultimate mum guilt.

5. Have I lost her forever?
I’m so worried that with the influence of friends and new exciting opportunities that I’m losing her. Her time is divided now between school and me.


Hooray for all the alone time I’ll have! I can watch re-runs of Keeping Up with the Kardashians without being disturbed. I can eat all the hobnobs without sharing! I can finally put some serious time and effort into my blog!

Have you got any tips for a first-time Reception Mum or any reassurance?
If so, please leave them in comments below!

One thought on “First Day of School Thoughts

  1. It’s always the same the beginning of your child being away from you doing different things without you. You will get used to it. It won’t be long before you are looking forward to the holidays being over and having a little time to do activities that do not include kids. You can even have some adult sharing, and dare I say it a cuddle, now allowed in the daytime. All the same you will be waiting at the school gates ready to hear what’s happened at school and about new friendships listening to the chatter on the way home. Enjoy it, you can’t keep them babies forever. It lovely to see them grow up and develope.

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