7 Films I love

My love for films runs in my blood. Some of my greatest memories as a child/teen were watching films with my dad and him telling me how they filmed certain shots, talking about cinematography and other random trivia. It’s his fault (although I don’t particularly consider it a ‘fault’ at all) that I watch films hoping for a continuity error to then pause and replay over and over.

I studied both media studies and Film studies at A Level. On one level they’re quite useless qualifications. On the other, they were some of the most fun I had whilst in education. It’s no surprise that some of my favourite films are what I studied at college.

So here we go – A small rundown of some of my favourite films and why – In no particular order.

1. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn wrote Gone Girl and I read it within a few short days. So when it was made into a film I knew it was one of those books I wanted to see on screen to see how it translated over. It didn’t disappoint. I love the twisted dark plot. I love that it’s unconventional and brutal. It’s also directed by David Fincher, one of my favourite directors.

2. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind – Jim Carey in a serious non-goofy role? I’m there. It’s a heartwarming yet heartbreaking story. Makes you think a bit. I like that.

3. This is England – This is England has a cult following. Some people take the wrong message from the film. But it really does deal with real-life themes and issues regarding racism. It tackles hard-hitting issues whilst still being funny and damn quotable.

4. The Full Monty – I have a special place in my heart for films that deal with working-class issues. Being from a more working-class (more than middle-class at least) background myself these films are just more relatable. Although – albeit – I’ve never taken my clothes off for money, or knicked a chuffing women’s DIY (subtle reference) video. But you catch my drift.

5. Billy Elliot – Part of what makes me fall for a film is its soundtrack, and the soundtrack to Billy Elliot not only fits perfectly but has you singing or dancing along. Again, looks at working-class issues. It’s all about love, acceptance and being different. It’s enough to make my heart swell.

6. School of Rock – Because Rock got no reason, Rock got no rhyme. Again, fab soundtrack. I was a Tenacious D fan long before the movie! And this film just gets me smiling. If it’s on TV and I stop putting it on, shoot me.

7. Shaun of the Dead – Or any of the Cornetto trilogy for that matter. It’s British film with British humour. It’s not trying to have too deep a meaning. It’s just fun! And I’m in love with Edgar Wright’s style.

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