My decision to bottlefeed

Look online anywhere and you’ll see everyone preach about breastfeeding. And it’s true, breastfeeding really is the best, most nutritious way of feeding your baby. Breastfeeding helps the baby form a better immune system, and helps you have a better, stronger bond with your baby. I’ve always been stunned by the fact the breastmilk changes if the baby is sick to help make the baby better. I completely admire any women who breastfeed.
Even after all this, I decided to bottlefeed both of my children. Why?

1. Nobody I knew Breastfed

As I first became a Mum at age 22 (relatively young) none of my friends had children. Anybody, I did know who had children bottle-fed! I was bottle-fed, so were all my cousins. The concept of deviating from bottle-feeding seemed alien to me.

2. I was scared

I’m a small girl. Pre-children my boobs were a 32A and I didn’t feel like I’d have enough boob to feed a baby with. Plus having my boob out in front of family and friends would be extremely anxiety-inducing for me, never mind doing that in public, with the potential judgement and backlash that breastfeeders sometimes get!

3. I needed medication

When I was pregnant with Holly I fell ill with quite an embarrassing illness. I won’t go into what it was in this post, but I couldn’t be treated during my pregnancy as it may have harmed Holly. I wouldn’t have been able to breastfeed on the medicine either. One of my first postpartum priorities was getting the medication I needed!

4. I wasn’t sure what I was doing

I was scared of having a baby I couldn’t satisfy with my milk. The formula was instant, readily available and easy to prepare. There was no need to worry about my baby going hungry. I didn’t realise midwives helped with breastfeeding.

5. It gave my partner a chance to bond

My partner was able to help with night feeds, and bond with Holly (and Harry!) too. It really was a little weight off my shoulders that I could sometimes sleep whilst Matt fed the baby.

There it is! A little controversial, but that’s how things have worked for me and my family.
Please remember there is no right/wrong way to feed a baby. The best decision is the one that works the best for you and your family, your routine, and most importanrly – what works best for mama!

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