My biggest parenting failure…

I had a long think about what my biggest parenting failure might be. Being a Mother isn’t always sunshine and daisies… In fact, it very rarely is. It’s often tears, tantrums and turmoil… and that’s just from me!
No, but seriously. I don’t profess to know everything there is to know about parenting. But I do try and do my best for my children. However, I’m by no means perfect. So today I thought I’d share my biggest parenting fail because we are all guilty of something.

Weaning is a process I despise. Most Mummy’s will be waiting with baited breathe to feed their children solid food. They love the messy aspect. They love seeing their babies curious about a whole new world they never knew before. But I hate it. I’m so overwhelmed with love for my children that the thought of losing them to choking freaks me out. It probably doesn’t help that I’m scarred with the memory of one of my cousins violently choking at a family gathering when we were younger.

So my biggest parenting failure is not being confident and forthcoming with weaning.
My biggest worry is that I might make my children fussy with food with my anxieties.

Weaning is something I’m trying to do differently with Harry. I’m trying to offer a variety of food, and offering more finger foods. So far he doesn’t seem fussy, but he is a food/milk lover. But I’m still overcome with worry.

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