Hi, I’m Rachel. A 27-year-old mum of Holly (4) and Harrison (1). We live in Derby which is in the Midlands of the UK. Together with two cats and a puppy, we live our crazy, chaotic life – and that’s exactly how I like it. I’ve always been into writing; I’m currently writing my first novel!

‘Mummying’ (definitely a verb) is the biggest learning curve, challenge and amazing experience of my life so far; but also one of the loneliest. I hated the idea of any other Mum feeling as isolated as I did. So, I made a blog to share my life experiences, give advice and most importantly, give parents a laugh. I just wanted to convey the simple message that this crazy child-rearing experience is not easy, and I hoped this blog would be a place I could make a lonely Mum or a depressed Dad feel a little less isolated.

So here you’ll find reviews, tips, stories from my life and probably quite a bit of swearing – motherhood made me do it. If you’re looking for 5 minutes of freedom from Peppa bloody Pig – look no further. Barricade yourself in the bathroom with a box of jaffa cakes (probably not hygienic, but you know – needs must when you’re a parent!)and sit and have a read and maybe even giggle with me.

Things I like: Italian food, decent films, music from the ’80s, my hair when it doesn’t resemble somebody from the ’80s, pyjamas, dogs, enough reality TV to rot my brain, enough salted caramel to rot my teeth and musicals.

Things I don’t like: Tequila, mushrooms, mice or The Wizard of Oz – That movie is terrifying.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it really means a lot to me!
Rachel x

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  1. Similar situation. Mom of a 2 year old and bored so I started writing things down and then a blog was born . My blog technically, but I’m not much of a techy so I’m still learning with zero followers. Honestly the followers do not bother me since I’m here just to relax and veg out when my daughter goes to sleep. I mean there are only so many movies and books. Enjo your blog and cheers to the future of blogging.

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