6 TV Series I’ve watched in 2019

umbrella academy

TV Series I’ve watched in 2019
Being a parent, there’s not much energy left for anything other than letting my brain turn to lime jelly and watch a TV series in the evening. I don’t even want to calculate the number of hours I’ve spent watching hours of TV shows.
Anyway, here’s a little mini-review of my favourites of this year so far

1. The Umbrella Academy

UNTIL… I found the Umbrella Academy, based on a graphic novel by Gerrard Way.
In the year 1989 forty-three women gave birth despite not being pregnant at the beginning of the day. Billionaire Reginald Hargreeves managed to find and buy seven of them. Armed with the superpowers they were born with – Hargreaves trains the children to become superheroes.

This is by far my favourite series I’ve watched this year. And once more for those at the back – I usually HATE anything superhero related. Obviously, the very lovely Robert Sheehan (who I’ve loved since Misfits circa 2009) made me love it that little bit more.
Overall, fab, engaging, funny and absolutely gripping. The pace was great and I was genuinely excited to start each new episode.
I can’t wait for series two!
My star rating: 5/5

2. Kidding

Jeff Pickles is a renowned children’s television presenter. Respected by all for his kind, loving and educational nature he’s loved by all. However, Jeff’s life takes a downward spiral when all is not as good as it seems and his life is turned upside down as his wife leaves him.

I’m a massive sucker for anything that’s a bit weird… Kidding is that. Laced with little bits of dark-humour, whilst also having slightly creepy undertones and surrealism, Jim Carey stars in another more serious role. Although I found the story quite predictable (though I do watch a lot of TV and film, so maybe that’s just a personal thing?) I also found it gripping.
My star rating: 4/5

. Sex Education

Jean is an open book when it comes to sex. Aa a professional sex therapist, her home is surrounded by erotic art, figurines and explicit text books. Jean enjoys nothing more than honest, frank discussions about sex. Her son Otis thinks it’s just about the most embarrassing thing in the world. Socially awkward Otis soon reluctantly finds himself being a sex therapist himself!

One thing I stand by is a good sense of humour can get you through almost anything. I watched this series when I was going through a bit of a ‘funk’ and it cheered me right up.
Funny as fuck (if you’ll excuse the pun), engaging and hard-hitting at times.
My star rating: 5/5

4. Bonding

Two best friends partner up in business together. Mistress May is a well-known dominatrix and she hires her best friend Carter as her assistant. Mistress May helps men achieve their most sordid fetishes. Whilst Carter finds it all a bit out of his depth.
Although I enjoyed the premise of this show because it’s sex-positive and strives to break down the barriers of societal norms. However, I just feel the show was missing *something* that I just can’t put my finger on. Each episode is 15 – 20 minutes long which is very short by Netflix originals standards. I didn’t feel much like I could relate to the characters much either. It also seemed to begin rather abruptly with no real backstory. Although there are some flashback moments that help develop the story a bit towards the end.
My star rating:2.5/5

5. Orange is The New Black

Piper Chapman is imprisoned in a women’s minimum-security prison for a drug smuggling operation she did 10 years prior.
I’m not going to overview this one much, because pretty much everyone will have heard of it!

I used to be utterly hooked on OITNB. I couldn’t wait for the next summer to roll around, so I could binge the next season. But did anyone else find the latest season absolutely diabolical? It’s always been a show that starts slow and picks up pace and momentum as the episodes unfold – but I’m sad to say I didn’t finish the latest season – and I won’t be continuing with the upcoming seasons either. The pace is just too slow!
My star rating: 1/5

6. The Bodyguard

Police Sargeant and security expert David Budd is assigned the mission of protecting the Home Secretary, contentious Julia Montague.

The Bodyguard is a funny one because I bloody loved episode one. It was gripping, enthralling and edge-of-your-seat worthy. But I felt a little bit bored with quite a few episodes in-between. I found myself playing Candy Crush instead. Don’t get me wrong, it was fantastic telly but maybe a little too detailed and lengthy for me with too many names and agendas to remember.
The final few episodes picked up the pace again and were really enthralling – the finale was absolutely fantastic!

My star rating: 3.5/5

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