5 Facts About Me

5 facts

Here it goes 5 facts about me!

Hello there!
As my blog slowly grows I feel it’s only fair you get to know a bit more of the real me.
So here are 5 moderately interesting facts about me

1. I NEARLY auditioned for the part of Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter Films.

I was a massive Harry Potter fan. Who wasn’t? When Newsround on CBBC announced that Warner Brothers were holding open auditions for the part of Luna Lovegood I was beside myself. The subheading for this one says nearly because we didn’t quite make it. Essentially, we got lost on the London tube and we were too late to make the auditions. I don’t mind too much because Evanna Lynch was perfectly cast – and I didn’t actually fit the character description at all.

2. I am one of the most clumsy people you’ll ever meet.

Not a great recipe when you’re literally a waitress. On Saturday night I dropped and shattered two glasses of champagne over two customers. I’m no longer allowed to carry champagne glasses on a tray. I’ve also nearly fallen over numerous times. Oh and I nearly took my eye out with a champagne cork.

3.I like to see the funny side

One thing I love about myself (in my humble opinion) is that I can find humour in most situations
The thing is, life can be pretty shit at times. But when the shit does hit the fan, I can laugh at situations. It’s probably a bad coping mechanism that a psychiatrist would tell me is damaging. But that’s how I cope with stress. For me, laughter really is the best medicine.

4. I’m really into The Paranormal and Serial Killers – But I hate horror films.

Give me anything a bit weird I’m 100% into it. I love watching serial killer documentaries and thinking up my only theories about how the case unfolded. I’m the same with the paranormal – I’ll read ghost stories all day. But weirdly, I can’t stomach horror movies – I just get too scared.

5. I love reality TV

Being honest with myself, I’ve probably always been a reality TV addict. I remember the first series of Big Brother.
When I was in my late teens I started a bit of a phase where I used to roll my eyes at people who watched TOWIE and other similar shows. But slowly over time, I’ve just learnt that I love it. I love living in somebody else’s life for a 45-minute window. For 45 minutes, I can pretend to be a Kardashian or a Real Housewife rather than Rachel Downing.
Nowadays give me all the reality TV – Keeping up with the Kardashians (And all the spin-offs), Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2 – Not Teen Mom 3, that was dire – also Teen Mom UK. I’ve recently started with The Real Housewives of The Orange County. Give me a reality series – I’ll watch it.

Thank you for reading!
Why not leave me a fact about you in the comments!
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4 thoughts on “5 Facts About Me

  1. That is the coolest thing. Really. To say you were going to audition for Luna. I just find that fascinating. Not many people can say that. Well, basically no one in the states can haha. How cool!

  2. That’s so cool that you almost auditioned for a movie role. Do you think that’s something you would ever attempt again, if a character or role called to you?

    1. It was pretty cool! I’d love to audition for a role again. I don’t have any experience or training in acting though so I’m not sure I’d be considered as an adult, unfortunately!

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