Glam Goo Review

Glam Goo Review

Disclaimer – Glam Goo was kindly gifted in exchange for an honest review

Well, Storm Gareth certainly blew away any chances I thought we had of an early spring! The weather has been awful, we’ve barely left the house and to be honest – We all have a bit of cabin fever. I’m literally running out of ideas on how to entertain the kids! Which is why when the people over at Glam Goo asked if I’d like to review their deluxe playsets – I jumped at the chance. Now I don’t know what it is about slime… but slime to kids is as addictive as chocolate is to me.

Also, its National Slime Day on Sunday 16th March – I know right? Who knew there was a day dedicated to slime!?

When Holly saw the Glam Goo had arrived she was completely beside herself.
Like lots of children her age, she is besotted with sparkles and anything wearable. So when I told her we were going to make the decorate our own slime and put it in her handbag she couldn’t contain her excitement.

The Packaging

The glam Goo packaging is striking and beautiful. Also, I was pleased to see the slime was extremely well packaged which prevents any unwanted sticky situations!

The Process

The mixing process was really easy! The set comes with a recipe card for different kinds of slime! But we opted to be creative and make our own up. It wasn’t a clean process – so the only thing I would say is to take care of any hair and soft furnishings.

Fun Factor

Holly loved this and would have happily played with it for hours upon hours! There really are so many colour combinations you could create. There’s so much variety of glitter too. There’s plenty of ingredients so you won’t run out quickly. This is certainly a toy you can pull out whenever the kids are at home for some messy play – so us parents can have a hot cuppa for once!


Whenever I buy slime, I’m always worried that I’ll be wasting money. As soon as it’s played with, where does it go? Well previously, my answer would have been the bin. Glam Goo answered to that. It literally comes with a handbag slime holder case WITH COMPARTMENTS (sorry, I’ve never been so excited about compartments) & ring that you can put slime in too. In the second pack, it also has a necklace and a key ring too!


Overall, I think Glam Goo is fantastic. Kids love to create and love messy play. Glam goo ticks those boxes!
All I’d say is protect surfaces, and tie hair away, and you’re good to go.
Prepare for hours of fun!

Happy National Slime Day!


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